IP Addressing Policy

Revision 1 - Updated 2/15/2021

Purpose of this Policy
This policy aims to outline the limitations and procedures pertaining to IP addresses, both in the context of the worldwide IPv4 address shortage and the limitations imposed on us by our outside vendors.

IP Justification Process
In order to obtain additional IP addresses from EPEC Technologies, LLC beyond IP addresses that are readily available through our order forms, you may be required to submit an IP justification form to outline the reason\use case for each additional IP. Additional monthly fees will be applied for each additional IP address. Other conditions may arise which may impose other requirements that need to be satisfied. EPEC Technologies, LLC reserves the right to deny any IP address expansion request for any reason at its sole discretion.

Ownership of IP Address Space
EPEC Technologies, LLC provides you with your IP address space on a rental basis, you are not the owner of the IP address space used on your services we provided, and you are not entited to the capability to port the IP address to other services or announce our IP space with other providers. EPEC Technologies, LLC is also typically not the owner of our IP address space, it is leased from our upstream vendors. Therefore, you acknowledge that EPEC Technologies, LLC may be subject to unforeseen needs with regard to IP space, if our vendor makes any demands of us (such as changing IP blocks, revoking IP addresses from users who have excessive IPs assigned to them, and so forth), we must meet their requirements.

In general, reclamation of IP address space is only carried out during a service cancellation. However, we reserve the right to modify or revoke IP address space as required by our upstream vendors or at our discretion.

Portability of IP Address Space
In general, you can assume that our IPv4 addresses are portable within our infrastructure at a given location. If you have a virtual server at a given location and would like to replace it, we can generally assist you with keeping the same IP address, but no guarantee of the capability is made.

At this time, IPv6 address space is very rigid and not portable with our vendors, and therefore you may in some unforseen circumstance be asked to change your IPv6 assignment, or the same may occur during a planned server migration.

In general, EPEC Technlogies, LLC recommends as a best practice that you use DNS instead of assuming that your IP addresses will always be static, and you should also ensure to have full access to your DNS at all times in case any changes should need to be made. In the event that an IP assignment should need to be changed, EPEC Technologies, LLC will make every effort to notify you in a reasonable timeframe.